Taverna Anema e Core: The evenings light up with glamor

Once upon a time there was a passionate dreamer who wanted to create a unique and unconventional venue. It was 1994, when Guido Lembo turned on the lights of the Anema and Core Taverna, becoming a musical heritage of humanity…

Carthusia: An expression of the balance between art and nature, creativity and method

The story, on the other hand, tells that in 1948 the prior of the Certosa, having found old recipes of essences, under license from the Pope, revealed them to a Piedmontese chemist…

Capri in October: What to do and where to go

If you think summer and holidays are over, we recommend that you think again.…

The Luigi Caflisch pastry shop arrives at Villa la Pergola

The historic Luigi Caflisch brand has also landed on the most glamorous Italian island there is, the Isle of Capri. …

Shopping Made in Capri

Made in Capri shopping is considered the paradise of all shopping lovers. …

The Squid: tasty and delicious, a typical product of the island of Capri

The sea is the main element here on the island of Capri and its cuisine offers characteristic dishes inspired by the Mediterranean flavor such as Squid.…

Chantecler: The story of an inimitable brand

Chantecler, the luxury jewelery brand, identifier of beauty of Made in Italy and handmade…

Capri - Rolex Cup 2021

One of the most anticipated events in Capri in the month of May is the Rolex Capri Sailing, which gives start to the summer season of the island.…

Easter in Italy

February and Carnival traditions

The history of the Carnival says that the Italian masks represent vices and virtues of the people...…