The Squid: tasty and delicious, a typical product of the island of Capri

The sea is the main element here on the island of Capri and its cuisine has developed into characteristic dishes inspired by the Mediterranean flavor. Proof of this is the menu of every restaurant on the island, where fish is the king. The Squid is just one of the special ingredients of this land, a delicacy for gourmets. The customer is not only spoiled for choice, but he knows that he will never be able to go home without first tasting one of the dishes that most reflect the Capri passion. The squid is part of the fundamental group of foods, as it is rich in proteins with a high biological value, vitamins and specific minerals. It is a cephalopod mollusk belonging to the Ommastrephidae family, typical of sandy bottoms, lives in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea and in the latter, it is fished with squid, typical trawling nets.

The qualities of the squid are innumerable, and they can be found in the various local culinary recipes. Creativity has always been an integral part of the culture of the island of Capri, which even in the case of the kitchen has been able to develop a whole series of courses that did not take long to be exported around the world. The island, before the economic boom and the growth of tourism, supported itself thanks to agriculture and fishing. The Caprese population made sure that the created dishes were capable of involving all the senses so as to make the squid famous all over the world.

The most popular courses are ...
The great advantage of the squid is that it is easy to be found on the island of Capri, given the ease with which it can be caught throughout the year. It is well known that the squid has a longer shelf life than other fish and crustaceans that are able to last until the next day. Recipes and superfine dishes are prepared throughout the local area: from stuffed squid to the version with potatoes that make an excellent side dish perceiving the taste of the earth and the sea in one bite. A dish that has its origins in not very distant times, is that of "Spaghetti alla Chiummenzana", a simple delight to be prepared with only local products: mozzarella, oregano, salt and oil. According to some sources, this recipe has maritime origins, it seems that it was their habit to consume this dish upon their return to the mainland. The origin of the name of this recipe derives from this habit, "chiummenza" meaning "sea crew". This is the original recipe, but for the more sophisticated, the squid as an additional element becomes a virtue necessity. To stay on the subject, other typical dishes are those represented by small and whole ones ideal for frying, or even roasted squid, sometimes also as a "substitute" ingredient for cuttlefish and octopus in mixed boiled fish as a cold appetizer. It is therefore evident that the squid is the constant that can never be missing at the table.