The legend...

... remembers that in 1380 the father prior of the Certosa di San Giacomo, upon hearing the news of the coming to Capri of the sovereign Giovanna d'Angiò, prepared a collection of the most beautiful flowers on the island; those flowers remained for three days in the same water and when it was time to throw them away, he realized that the water had acquired a mysterious fragrance, so that he turned to the religious scholar in alchemy who identified the origin of that perfume in the "Garofilium silvestre caprese".



The story, on the other hand, tells that in 1948 the prior of the Certosa, having found old recipes of essences, under license from the Pope, revealed them to a Piedmontese chemist. From here was born the smallest laboratory in the world, Carthusia, that is "Certosa". Today the tradition continues following the production methods of the Carthusian monks: the 21 fragrances of Capri are prepared in an artisanal way. Among the local ingredients, we find the rosemary of Monte Solaro and the wild carnation.

Visiting Capri also means discovering its history, what makes it so special. Among its typical products, Carthusia more than anything else is synonymous with the island in the world, with its colors, with the fragrances it has been able to transform into perfumes. The symbol of the company was born in 1948, as a liberty work created by the painter Mario Laboccetta. The icon depicts a "floral mermaid" that evokes the surreal, mythological atmospheres of Capri's classic heritage. A woman who, in the game of her metamorphosis, releases the universe of colored flowers from which Carthusia perfumes descend.

Carthusia has used its centuries-old knowledge to develop a unique perfume culture in the world. Those who choose their perfumes experience the most intense emotions that the senses can grasp. Today, as then, all stages of production are carried out partly with tools and machinery made to measure and partly by hand to ensure the observance of natural methods and the precious care of craftsmanship.

The range of Carthusia products today extends not only to those for personal and body care, but also those for the environment, such as candles and diffusers, to allow those who visit Capri to take with them anywhere in the world. the olfactory universe of the island.

If you are in Capri, we recommend that you take a moment to visit the historic store in Via Matteotti to admire the style with your own eyes and feel the essence of craftsmanship.