Shopping Made in Capri


Made in Capri shopping is considered the paradise of all shopping lovers. But if you land on the island the first time where can you go to live a 100% Capri style shopping experience? Whether you are looking for typical local products or the must have of the great Italian maisons, on this magical island you will find everything you want.

Let's start with one of the must-haves of the island, the Caprese sandal, a symbol of style and exclusivity, which has become an indispensable object. To make them unique is precisely the design from the beginning, where the sandal is made entirely, including calf sole and hypoallergenic material, in small shops the customer can assist in the processing even in real time. History tells us that the first tohave worn were theEgyptians with leather soles or woven papyrus worn only by priests and pharaohs. In Ancient Greece, on the other hand, it was the shoes used by women, while the Romans initially  wore them only inside their homes, but with the rise to power of emperor Caligula the use of sandals spread; so it was that the Roman women weavers wore the first jewel sandals with straps studded with precious stones and gold soles.

Today they are made with skill and taste,; models for donna, man and child can be customized by choosing colors, height and shape of the heel according to the egretiof atimeless art.

Another emblem of the island is the Capri People brand, a brand capable of transmitting real emotions through vintage, timeless glasses, to always wear, designed for those looking for a slightly different, colorful style. Among the most requested models there is Jacqueline,dedicated to the former first lady of the United States, or even the  Tiberiusmodels, in honor of the Roman emperor and the homonymous mountain, or  Mare,in homage to the blue that surrounds and bathes the high cliffs of the island.

If you are in Capri you can not fall in love with the fine fabrics signed ECO CAPRI and YAMCAPRI.

EcoCapri is a typical brand with an inimitable design thanks to the Capresi environments painted by Laetitia Cerio, an eclectic and cosmopolitan artist, dedicated to painting and attracted by fashion, who has fun and captures the Capri summer scene made of culture and creativity. A mix of glamour, enchanting views, worldliness, colors and magical atmospheres of the island of Capri all to be experienced transformed into accessories, coordinatesand details that dress the rooms with a unique style and that you can relive at Villa la Pergola.

Finally, we point out the attention to detail of the Y'AM Capri handmade garments carefully designed, conceived and produced on the island and on the Amalficoast, using artisan techniques such as embroidery and hand printing. Simple and refined models with a mix of colors perfectly combined with each other.

"Y'AM" comes from the expression of the Neapolitan dialect "Jamm ja" which in Italian means "forza/su/hurry", "let's go" ... This word appears in the refrain of the famous Neapolitan song Funiculì funiculà and the brand has chosen it to represent its identity. "Y'AM" recalls the first person singular of the verb to be in English "I' am". «Iam Capri» expresses a sense of belonging. The name, therefore, contains the concept of irony and positivity.