Once upon a time there was a passionate dreamer who wanted to create a unique and unconventional venue. It was 1994, when Guido Lembo turned on the lights of the Anema and Core Taverna, becoming a musical heritage of humanity, a symbol of simplicity, lightheartedness, irony and Neapolitanism. A real tribute to the Italian lifestyle envied all over the world!

The real strength of Anema e Core is the cult of hospitality. The energy and enthusiasm involve everyone, with the audience at the center of the show. There are many guests, famous people, national and international celebrities who contributed to the success and myth of the Taverna, belonging to the world of football fashion, from Hollywood stars to the NBA up to royal families.

The show begins at 11.00 pm and continues, in the height of summer, until the early hours of the morning with the certainty that no evening is ever the same, because the atmosphere is always different, improvised, real curtains are born that they involve the public, staff and bands. We dance, sing on the tables or perform with the band on stage on the inevitable notes of the songs of the heart such as: O sudato 'nnammurato, Reginella, Femmena, O Sarracino, Volare, Felicità, YMCA, Pretty Woman, La Bamba, Despacito .

There are no dress codes or selections: Anema and Core brings together vacationers, businessmen, politicians, young people, not so young people, anyone who wants to have fun and be carried away by the carefree rhythms of a Capri evening.


Together with Gianluigi, Guido's son, the evening is never boring and, despite the recent death of his father, Gianluigi continues to be the bearer of the artistic-musical renewal, conqueror of the young people who follow him inside and outside Anema and Core, for exclusive events related to fashion and entertainment.

In short, the Anima e Core Tavern is tradition and emotion and is truly the soul and heart of the island, becoming in fact one of the stops recommended by anyone who has experienced one of the many Capri holidays. Because whoever stops is lost!