Chantecler: The story of an inimitable brand

Capri represents a world that marks times and styles. Here energies, colors and scents create something unrepeatable and extraordinary every day. Chantecler, the luxury jewelery brand, represents the beauty of Made in Italy and handmade. Each Chantecler jewel is a masterpiece of goldsmith mastery, every detail is the result of the combination of creativity, design and luxury. The shapes, materials and colors make the jewels unique for their authentic style.

The history of Chantecler dates back to 20 October 1944, when at the end of the Second World War a bell brought peace to the island, which has become a source of inspiration for artists, writers and poets from all over the world. Pietro Capuano, heir to a lineage of Neapolitan jewelers, nicknamed "Chantecler" for his eccentric and irreverent character, decided to give the American President Roosevelt a bronze bell to celebrate the end of the war.

The name derives from the affinity between the character of Peter and the Chantecler rooster, protagonist of the homonymous novel by Edmond Rostand, famous for the "Cyrano de Bergerac", from 1910, in which the actors are disguised as animals from the chicken coop. Chantecler is the protagonist, a presumptuous rooster loved by everyone, who pretends that it is him, that with his song, orders the sun to rise in the morning.

Inspired by the Capri legend of San Michele - that he gave a bell to a young shepherd who had lost a sheep, and with its tinkling he found it - since then it has been a symbol of peace and luck. In 1950 Pietro Capuano, together with his friend Salvatore Aprea, founded the Chantecler brand and opened a jewelry store in Capri that became the destination of the protagonists of the international jet set. From Jacqueline Kennedy to Audrey Hepburn to Ingrid Bergman, the magnificent creations of the jewelers have enchanted actresses, princesses and aristocrats all over the world.


The Bell, an icon of Chantecler

The iconic Campanella (Bell) summarizes all the values ​​of the brand and anyone who sees it for the first time falls in love with it. Nonconformist, spirited and collectible, it has gone beyond epochs and fashions, preserving the uniqueness of design and style over time. Its jingle is a sign of happiness, peace and love. Today the collection offers a wide range of colors, sizes and shapes, and gives the wearer a touch of exclusivity, as well as being an original "porte-bonheur." Le Campanelle are masterpieces of luxury jewelery that arise from the encounter between precious stones, gold and craftsmanship. Each creation is a challenge between new technology and design solutions. The uniqueness of stones between unprecedented combinations of tradition and innovation are the result of months of careful work by goldsmiths, model makers, carvers and setters, all united to create inimitable jewels.