5 Reasons why should be Capri in your travel list

Almost everybody have heard at least once time about Capri maybe in a movie, a documentary, photos on social media, etc but for sure when you have seen this gorgeous view that Capri offers to you , you what to be a part of it. There is perfect nature, amazing cuisine, world-class shopping and water in colours you have to see to believe that's real. Summer is one of the sessions that people travel mostly, and we are happy to show you the 5 major reasons why should be Capri in your travel list.

The Piazzetta

The first one is the Piazzetta. One of the most famous public square is Piazza Umberto 1. In Caprese dialect, its called chiazza, but most visitors to the island know it simply as the Piazzetta. The clock tower chimes every 15 minutes marking time throughout the day. There are four different cafés with rattan chairs and tables that are full from early morning cappuccino drinkers to late night after dinner digestivo sippers.

The Sea

Another reason people visit Capri is the sea, so welcome to boat life. Capri has several fantastic beaches that barely you can believe that is reality, this even explain why Capri is always so visited by celebrities. The best way to experience the incredible water that surrounds the island without the hoards is on a boat. Hire a skipper and spend a few hours swimming in rocky coves. If you are short on time, there are also larger crafts which give one hour long tours around the island.

The Faraglioni

Another iconic Capri feature is the Faraglioni, craggy rock formations jutting out from the sea. Take a boat tour and travel between the rock formations for an unforgettable view. This massive rock formation made up of three separate limestone stacks is one of the first things you see on your way to Capri. They are so large that on a clear day you can even spot the Faraglioni from Amalfi Coast towns like Positano and Praiano. Beloved by the islanders and visitors, some of the best views are from the scenic overlook at the end of via Tragara and the flower filled gardens of Augustus. You can swim next to them at the Da Luigi beach club and sail through them on a private boat tour.


Have you heard before for Anacapri, probably not? But let me tell you a bit for this stunning place. This beautiful township is a potpourri of Mediterranean scents, sound, and colours, it lays testimony to authentic Italian life despite the island’s growing tourism. Here you can find lovely, little vegetable gardens brimming with topical plants tucked between the traditional houses. A walk around the quiet alleys in the center of Anacapri will transport you back in time with extraordinary sights of mini Neapolitan tailor shops, skilled shoemakers, and locals soaking up the sun at their doorstep all with the aroma of the town’s signature lemon groves that enrich the air.

Capri is a feast for the eyes, thanks to the stunning landscapes in and around the island. We listed those 5 reasons, but there is so many other reason too, if you are still in doubt visit our Instagram page to get more information about tourism, accommodation and culture on Capri.