Holiday in Capri: tips for your visit

COVID-19 was the main topic for this summer not only in Italy but worldwide. Fortunately, this situation has been changed and actually, there are no active cases in Capri. Currently, not only people inside Italy can travel to Capri but since the moment that Italy reopened the borders, on 30June, some EU countries are allowed to travel to Capri too.

If we see the positive sides of the situation this summer can be considered a good opportunity to travel to Capri. Almost every summer it’s too crowded but not this one so here is your chance to explore Capri. You can find great accommodation at a good price to check the availability here. (Will be a link that will be connecting with the booking page) But to go back to the point of this article, we will suggest to you some places that are "a must" during your vacation in Capri. Here are our suggestions about the beaches that we will have to visit in Capri:

Marina Piccola

We will start our recommendation list with Maria Piccola, which is located in the Southeastern part of Capri, next to the Giardini di Augusto. The view is breathtaking, the cliffs surround this beach and the view of the Faraglioni provides a spectacular panorama. You can grab a glass of wine and you can relax during enjoy the view, or you can enjoy the wave of the sea. Maria Piccola, it’s definitely a ‘must’ if you will visit Capri!

Marina Grande

The second place that you should visit during your stay in Capri is Marina Grande, which is located on the northern side of the island. Travel between the Marina Piccola and the Marina Grande occurs by circling around the Faraglioni stacks. A stretch of dark sand and gray pebbles surrounded by a few mountains and washed away by the blue water creates the scenery of this beach. Covered by a few colorful rows of umbrellas and equipped with sun beds, changing rooms, and showers. The beach is really comfortable in case you want to rest and relax. A few restaurants, terraces, and bars situated near the beach offer a multitude of options when it comes to food. Even if it is straightforward to get to the beach by car, there are not enough parking spaces in the area, which is a problem for the tourists. This is why it is unlikely to find a parking place close to the beach, but this might be an advantage. If you park your car on top of the mountain and go down the stairs which leads to Marina Grande, you will have the chance to admire a stunning panorama of the entire beach. Believe me that this panorama is worth the effort.

Bagni di Tiberio

The third place is located on the waterfront where Emperor Tiberius built his sumptuous seaside villa, Restaurant Bagni di Tiberio. This is one in all Capri’s most enchanting eateries. Inspired by the island's age-old culinary tradition, Bagni di Tiberio's menu includes all of Capri's best-loved dishes, prepared with the freshest of fish and seasonal vegetables. Ensuring the right accompaniment to each and every meal, the restaurant's wine list features only the best local and regional wines. A restaurant famous for its excellent fish cuisine, Bagni di Tiberio could be a historic bathing establishment too, where sun worshipers happily pass the day, lazing within the solarium and swimming within the warm sea lapping the shores of Capri.

Those are the suggestions for this week. We hope you enjoy your vacation in Capri.